Launch with us for your IPPO (Initial Peer-to-Peer Offering)

We offer the ability to immediately launch to your community with your own token page without the need for messy liquidy pools or the strict requirements of the centralized exchanges.

We provide a full-service offering starting from advisory services from before the token is even issued, to post-listing and even marketing support.

Our simple 3 step process below ensures you can offer your community your tokens and keep everyone safe. Our mission is to help you skip the middleman, bring control back to people, and restore the privacy that blockchain was intended to solve. Join us in promoting cryptocurrency adoption.

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Our approval process takes about 48 hours. During which we will ensure your project meets requirements for the community, rug pulls safety and customer safety.

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At this stage, you can set up your token sales page, communicate your launch plans to your community and get ready for the moon!

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