Dogecoin started as a joke but the dog meme is beating everyone as peer-to-peer currency

Dogecoin is a meme cryptocurrency thats been drawing a lot of attention. It all started as a joke and while it had a lot of support from community it wasn’t taken very seriously. It was until Elon Musk decided to tweet about it.

And then this turned into this:

And finally that turned into this:

Okay the last one is not entirely accurate but, in many ways it’s part of the same of the same cause. P2PMoon also wants to have a bit of fun with this and is happy to let people trade Dogecoin peer-to-per.

It started in 2013 by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmers. It was never intended to be a serious project bit interesting things happened. Elon Must decided to become the Dogecoin CEO for a day and tweeted a meme in support of the Dogecoin. New generation investors are scrambling to buy DOGE. If you are one of them then you are right at home as we are fanatics when it comes to fun internet jokes like DOGE.

How do I buy Dogecoin (DOGE)?

While it seems difficult to buy DOGE it really isn’t. Because of its popularity you can buy it in many exchanges today without a problem. Of course, the true DOGE hodlers would rather own it, hold it, feel it in their own personal wallet. In all honesty, I don’t think people are really investing 50% of their portfolio in DOGE, it just does not makes sense. But there are those who do own quite a but and in that case your personal wallet might matter.

Buying Doge in Exchanges.

Like all cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin (DOGE) is traded on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. As such, in most cases, you will have to register and verify your account prior to starting trade DOGE. Typically, registration takes just a few minutes, while account verification may take up to 24 hours, based on how busy the exchange’s customer service is at the given time. Alternatively, you can use DEX (decentralized exchanges), as they don’t ask you to open an account, but you need to have a valid DOGE wallet address instead. Or if you like trading with real people you can use P2P platforms, and of course, there are many contenders in that area for DOGE today 👨‍🚀 🚀 🚀

One of the caveats with most exchanges are that they are highly centralized which goes against what Dogecoin really stands for. I understand the convenience of using an exchange, they really do provide a very quick way to get coin. But if you care about privacy, you want to be the sole owner of your private keys and don’t want to be at the mercy of exchanges if anything happens with this relationship then the alternative is DEX or P2P.

How do I get a Dogecoin wallet?

The true Dogecoin wallet can be downloaded at Dogecoin website and is available on Mac, Linux or Windows. This is probably one of the best wallets out there. No way, I am just kidding you. I downloaded this on my Mac and waited for a couple days for the sync to happen. Unfortunately it got stuck at around 10% and just wouldn’t make any progress so that’s the experience with it… Sorry dogecoin wallet, this is just my personal experience.

Exodus, which we are not affiliated with in any way, is an ok DOGE wallet. I had no problems with it whatsoever. There are other mobile wallets like ZenGo which I have not tried but are probably good enough for a slightly smaller stash.

If you are looking for a truly cold wallet then Ledger and Trezor are both decent options for DOGE.

Buying Dogecoin at P2PMoon.

Yes. That is an option today and we encourage that. Because you are trading with real people please check their reviews and ratings, chat with them about the trade and get informed before engaging in a trade. We have a no-***hole policy at P2PMoon so even if you are relatively new to the Dogecoin or crypto fam you will probably get a lot of help and support from traders here.