About us

P2PMoon is a global cryptocurrency marketplace based in Canada. We are non custodial, support over 8000+ tokens and let you trade on your own terms. Trade securely and confidently.

Built for easy trades

Buying or selling, we have a simple request and chat interface to make your trading easy. No complex fees just a simple collateral system that protects both seller and buyer. Our 3 step process makes trading as easy as buying milk. Simply – find, chat and buy.


Trade on your terms

Only want to trade within your own country or only with the payment that you prefer? We support it. Negotiate your own terms and find buyers and sellers who fit your needs. We don’t make you give up your information for no reason and we don’t lock you down to only payments that work for us. Trade what you want on your own terms.

Security first

We believe in security first. Thats why we are non custodial for what you are trading. We never hold your coins and trades happen directly from seller’s wallet to buyer’s wallet. Our unique collateral system ensures all parties are protected while allowing you to be not locked into a specific blockchain.


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