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P2PMoon is the easiest place to trade any crypto token you want with support for 8000+ crypto projects and many more yet to come.
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Launching a new token? we can help

P2PMoon is a marketplace where you can buy or sell any crypto token powered by any known or future blockchain. Our platform can list any new token and automatically provide a safe and easy way to trade your token.

Want to launch a new project? Our launchpad service offers an easy IEO without messy liquidity pools, complicated review processes, or expensive listing fees. In fact, our launch service is 100% free. Sign up to find out more.

Why Trade in P2PMoon?

Small cap coins

Most exchanges, including peer-to-peer, only support major cryptocurrencies. P2PMoon lists many young cryptos. You can get in early and watch them moon. 

The lowest Fees

1% flat fee per completed trade for sellers. Always free for buyers. We believe in adoption and shouldn’t have to pay so much in fees. We are committed to keeping them low!

Control Your Crypto

You are in charge of your private keys and your crypto assets. We only ask sellers to put some coins in an escrow while the trade is open. After the trade is complete the coins are yours to keep. We actually mean it when we say “not your keys not your coins”

P2PMoon The universal crypto token marketplace with support for ALL blockchains!

Looking to buy or sell some crypto token?

Easily browse or list any token you have simply by setting your preferred margins and payment methods. Don’t worry about where you bought it or which blockchain it is from. Simply list it.

Find something you like? start a trade and chat

Trading on P2PMoon is easy. Simply find the buyer or seller you like, at the price you want to pay, and just start a trade session. Our realtime chat will guide you through any verification requirements and match you up with the right trader.

Stat trading!

Once you are matched up with the trader you want, simply follow the trade status prompts and make the transfers as instructed. Follow along on real-time status via SMS and Email updates. You are almost there!

Get paid!

Congratulations trade is a success! P2PMoon is non-custodial which means you get the crypto delivered securely right to your wallet with no middle man if you are buying. If you are selling, verify your transactions and receive your funds in the payment of your choice.